A reflection after 20 years of Coaching

Dear friends,

April 2016 was a great month for our team of trainers and coaches and for me personally. Twenty years ago we started our business from scratch; meaning I had a desktop standing on a table in a corner of our living room, a second-hand copier in the cellar and a head full of ideas to try to conquer a place in the business of training & development.

In the year 1994 I, together with my wife at the time, followed an inspiring seminar. It was called Date with Destiny by Anthony Robbins. After this seminar we decided to start our own business, we were going to take our lives into our own hands. We wanted to create personal freedom.

I would like to thank the companies for which I’ve worked, Roussel (now: Sanofi), MSD and Glaxo (now: GSK). In each one of these companies I have learned quite a lot and I am very grateful I was able to work for them. Without that real-life experience it would not have been possible to start.

A question I get asked regularly is: “Why are you in this business”?

Why am I doing it?

The answer is very simple: every time I see a participant realise their full potential, I get a boost! I love it when people leave their comfort zone and acquire a new skill, which eventually helps them to achieve better results. I’m always very proud to see people whom I’ve trained move further and further in their careers.

This is the fuel I need to keep improving every day, again and again. I love bringing top speakers to my customers. I’ve created high level training sessions with people such as:

  • Brain Tracy
  • Ron White
  • Lionel Bellenger
  • Judith Glaser

Spirit and motivation are two key factors in helping people achieve their objectives and aspirations. My business has permitted me to support my family in the best way possible, therefore I am so grateful for the last 20 years.

In conclusion to this all I’d like to end with saying that I am a very happy man and would love to thank all my costumers and everyone who is reading this. If you ever decide to start with something new, come to the Naamsevest 84 in Leuven. We will have a good chat over a nice cup of coffee.

Thank you all,

Alexander & team at TC3

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