How a small business can foster the well being of all.

I would love to share this story with you, dear readers

It’s a story in which all my clients are indirectly involved.

The mother of my wife, Magda Sempels, was a very courageous and decisive woman.

In 1980 she decided to plant a fir wood of her own in her backyard.

Her husband and many neighbours tried to convince her not to do it, but mentally strong as she was, she pursued her personal dream. She dug 2000 holes in which she planted her 2000 trees. Can you imagine the work? It took her many days and tons of perspiration. She was willing to pay a price to realise her aspirations, nothing could stop her. 

A few years later, everybody enjoyed the beautiful wood. The wood protected the area from heavy winds, and coloured the environment superbly green. Deep green as firs can be and we can picture in our mind.

The wood was always filled with squirrels, all sorts of birds, several wood pigeons, foxes, and not to forget our beloved owl. The owl stated his presence each night to our greatest pleasure. Occasionally a pheasant came by with his family…. What a beautiful happening. 

Last year we observed a gradual and smooth transition. Several branches of the trees shed their needles and the wood started to take on another colour, changing from deep green to a brownish-grey. It hurt us very deeply to see what was once such a beautiful wood starting to die. It got worse every month. The superb view of green fir trees when waking up was now grey.

My wife contacted the people responsible for wood management for the federal government. An expert came and he detected the reason for this change. A small bug was responsible for it in combination with the lack of ground water. The bugs were able to flourish on the weakened trees. The only word that came to my mind was “devastating”. He also suggested felling all of the trees as the money we could get from them would pay for cutting them down.

Dear reader, please note that my wife got quite a lot of her mother’s genes, so you can imagine what comes next. She decided to restore the wood in honour of her beloved mother who passed away, way too soon. She stated firmly when standing on the piece of land, “A new wood for my mother and for the protection of the environment will be planted here.”

The wood management expert drew up a plan with lots of trees and bushes that would be able to withstand the climate.

Planting a new wood is a costly project. Here I saw the opportunity for my company to contribute. 

TC3 would plant a new wood with great pleasure. Why?

For several reasons: for the mother of my wife, for my wife, for the friendly neighbourhood, for my kids and grand kids, for the protection of mother earth, and for the beautiful nature we share during our time on this beautiful planet. 

My customers asked me what their role was in all of this. Well, it is rather simple. I have had the pleasure of working with my customers for many years. As a result, I have built up some savings for which I thank each of my customers. Without the collaboration we have enjoyed over many years I would not have been able to sponsor this fir wood. Thank you all very much.

So indirectly you have contributed to the rise of a new and beautiful wood where we hope to host again many small animals. Our working together will make the village of Pellenberg a lit bit greener. The oxygen that will be produced will spread out all over our country so that we all can inhale fresh oxygen. It is a gift to all.

I hope that this short story will inspire many businesses, small and large, to make this planet greener again. We need it.

I will, if you want, keep you in the loop of the progress of this wood that will rise like a Phoenix.

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