How good are you at Motivational Coaching? Test yourself.

The good news is that you can learn this Conversation Process, we call "Motivational Coaching". To perform Motivational Coaching in a result driven way, you need to learn and to integrate a set of Communication Skills.

Here is the Process:

  • Connecting & Trust Building.
  • Defining the behaviour to change.
  • The Coachee's search for solutions to make the change.
  • The plan to realise this Change.

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Test your "Motivational Coaching" skills

The case if you accept the challenge:

You need to coach a team member that has some time mgt issues apparently.

He does not deliver his reports on time. Deadlines are not always realised.

He/she is very friendly to everyone. 

The fact he is not keeping up his agreements puts you in a difficult situation.

You already told him to change several times but nothing happened. He tells you that he is gong to pay attention but afterwards he drops back in his normal behaviour. 

He is open for coaching and reacts normal to it, not defensive at all. 

Last week during a team lunch he told you that he wants to do something about it, but he doesn't know where to start.

Now you need to coach him in order to realize a real behavioural change.

Please prepare if will put you in a better pool position.

You will perform a role play & receive feedback.

Good luck


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