"Triple your memory" seminar with Ron White on December 14th, 2017


We’re happy to announce that Ron White, the memory expert and champion, will visit Brussels on December 14th, 2017 for a unique seminar! “Triple your memory” is a great opportunity to learn how to train your memory and use these skills to get better results in both your professional life and your private life. Take a look at the preview here.


  • Date: 14/12/2017
  • Trainer: Ron White, US Memory Champion
  • Timing: 9:00 till 17:00
  • Location: Van der Valk Hotel Diegem
  • Investment: 299 euro per person (21% VAT excl.)
  • Contact person: Alexander Nijs, 0475 48 81 26


  • The three secrets to an unstoppable memory.
  • Discover how to recall names and faces to build stronger relationships.
  • How to use your memory to be a product knowledge expert.
  • How to learn the material from any training workshop instantly and forever!
  • How to save thousands of dollars and hours of time because you do not have to retrain yourself on the same material.
  • Conduct your business with a new found confidence when you tap into your hidden mental genius!
  • How to recall 100 digit numbers and use this skill to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • How to memorize poems, quotes or codes.
  • How to use your memory to memorize 50 or more random items in just minutes!
  • Recall all kinds of facts in just seconds.
  • Discover your potential and increase your income!


Interested? Click to download the registration form and send it to alexander@tc3.be

We’re looking forward seeing you in December!

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