Webinar on Conversational Intelligence


Dear visitors and clients, 

Judith E. Glaser, a dear friend who we have been working with for many years, is releasing her full body of work called Conversational Intelligence. 

She is holding an initial live online immersion training in which she will share her most innovative tools and the latest research in neuroscience, providing insights into the neuroscience behind conversations and how to utilize this knowledge as a coach. We highly recommend you join her immersion training as her work on Conversational Intelligence has created outstanding results for the last 35 years and we believe you will gain lots of value from her insights.

If you would like some more information and join the session you can simply click this link.

In this complimentary yet in-depth session, Judith will share with you:

- The neurochemistry behind conversations.

- How to activate the parts of the brain that trigger high engagement, trust and innovation.

- The Epigenetics of Conversations and how we transcribe new patterns and neuropathways in our brains.

- The Conversational Dashboard that allows you to identify conversational styles of your clients.

- The Up-and Downregulating Framework that helps you as a coach to regulate your clients' (and your own) bio-reactions. 

- The 3 levels of conversations.

We hope you will be able to join us and take full advantage of Judith's genius as well as the innovative methodologies she is going to teach.

Kind regards,

The TC3 team

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