Why we do what we do

Dear reader,

I’m Alexander Nijs, the owner of TC3, and I’m excited to share why I created our company and why I am passionate about what I do.

Ingredients for success

My wife’s approach to hosting a dinner party and the enjoyment she gets out of her guests leaving satisfied perfectly reflects the way TC3 interacts with its customers.

Weeks before the evening she starts to think about what they would like, if they have children, what age they are, and what meals they enjoyed in the past. After careful reflection she starts her research, looking through a variety of cookbooks, taking notes, combining ideas, letting her mind develop a meal tailored to their likes and wants. She reaches the point where her ideas are fully formulated -she can see, smell and taste the meal in her mind- and she is able to make my mouth water just by taking about it.

Taking great pleasure out of the whole process, she wakes up very early on the day of the dinner party to buy the very best ingredients, walking quicker than usual out of excitement, asking the questions she needs to ask to ensure that she prepares a wonderful meal for our guests.

As she starts cooking she is in a great mood, listening to dynamic music or watching television. Sometimes she sings, sometimes she talks to herself. I know she is putting her heart and soul into it when the first smells come out of the kitchen, tempting me to get a taste of what it to come. Tasting regularly, she adds spices when needed to ensure the flavors are just right.

As the guests take their first bites and their enjoyment becomes clear, my wife will look over at me with a big smile. With each compliment she receives, she glows a little more. But her task doesn’t end there. She makes sure that no one is left wanting, and once the guests have left our home she sits down with me to run through the evening, reflecting on what could be improved next time while breaking out into a smile every time her phone beeps from a ‘thank you’ message.

A few days later she calls our guests to see how they are doing and to listen to their thoughts about the evening. She wants sincere feedback to be able to make our guests even happier the next time.

Cooking is her true passion. She loves to take care of people, especially our friends, and cooking is her way to express this caring. She truly loves what she does.

Our commitment to you

We at TC3 share the same passion for our customers. We travel the same journey with them as my wife does cooking for our guests. We walk the road together, and often we become friends. At TC3 we listen carefully to our customers. We find out what’s important for them, what they struggle with, what they need in order to progress. We do everything we can to understand their culture and we think ‘with them, for them’.

Tailor-made is not just a word to us, it means everything for us.

After understanding the needs of our customers we prepare in-depth specific training and coaching sessions. We taste our way through the process, checking, adapting and double checking, so the end result is magic. If necessary we run pilot sessions. I am delighted to say that my wife sometimes does the same if she’s cooking a new meal, so I am an experienced taster on all levels.

TC3 may not serve meals, but we serve quality sessions that our customers thoroughly appreciate and compliment.  So also in the life of TC3, feedback is the breakfast of champions.

My heart truly beats faster when I see and hear that our session participants are happy and have learned something new. I love to see people grow and realize more. To be truthful, I also enjoy when I receive a compliment from them, this is the kerosene that fuels me to do even better next time.   TC3 helps people to step out of their comfort zone so that they can explore new things and live their lives to their fullest potential. This is what drives us every day.

To conclude, our guests love great meals, our customers love great meals, and so do all of us at TC3. Click here to find out more about us and invite us to put together the ingredients you need to further excel.


Have a great day and an excellent meal!

Alexander Nijs

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