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An overview of our team members and their responsibilities.


Alexander Nijs



Having 30+ years of experience, Alexander Nijs is a pro with regards to communication, sales, negotiation, and presenting. He is a well-liked speaker, can always find the issues, and works hard at a finding a solution. Wanting a new challenge, he founded TC3 in 2014. He is very committed to helping people in their career and often gives free workshops aimed at students. 

Lentle Nijs

Lentle Nijs is - as you might have guessed - Alexander's daughter. When he founded the company she decided to combine her legal studies at the Catholic University of Leuven with a job at the firm. She is responsible for HR, administration, financial affairs and business planning. 

An Swartenbroekx


An Swartenbroekx has years of work experience in external prevention and became fascinated by the needs of employees with regards to work-related stress. Besides teaching communication courses such as Extended DISC and Conversational Intelligence she is a coach and offers psychological counseling at her practice. An is a psychologist and can offer companies some insights into burnouts: mainly how to detect and prevent them. She can also offer help to individuals: she supports both people who feel stuck due to work-related stress and people who have various other problems.

Catherine Meurisse

Catherine Meurisse is a pharmacist and tobaccologist with sales experience from both sides of the counter, in hospitals, companies, pharmacies and wholesalers. She focusses on the training or coaching of medical and pharmaceutical teams. Furthermore she also does professional intra- and extramural product training to achieve better results. Visit the Efficiency Clinic website for more information.

Charles Estivant

Charles Estivant is active in sales, banking, oil, the automobile industry and advertising since 1995. He now spreads his know-how thanks to these years of experience. His wife, children and nature give him energy and strength at all times. It is with conviction that he will enlighten you in developing sales expertise, Extended DISC, Conversational Intelligence and public speaking.

Lucy Riga

Lucy Riga has a passion for communication with years of experience as a manager and coach in both the healthcare and business world. With her perseverance, kindness and no-nonsense mentality she can assess and tackle difficult situations in a quick but fair way.

She specialises in teaching presentation skills and behavioural typologies (Extended DISC). Lucy also coaches employees in the absence of (self) trust and helps managers to efficiently improve the project and team results through result-oriented communication (Conversational Intelligence).

Finally, she focuses on the practical application of the various techniques and does this in Dutch, French and English.

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