The Co-Creation Change Company

TC3 is a team of enthusiastic and experienced coaches who offer advice, training and individual coaching to both people and companies. Our main goal is to guide participants along the way to help them achieve their goals. We offer generic training and tailor-made solutions. Located in Leuven, the well-known university town at the heart of Belgium, we are highly motivated to help you grow.


We are in this business to guide our customers to:

Achieve their goals

Get a maximum return on their knowledge, skills & talents

Progress on their journey to achievement

Become the best they can be and want to be

Live their lives at the fullest potential


Using our 25 years of experience

A team of experts in different markets

Tailor-made approach guaranteeing results

We strive to be the best in our field

We are a dedicated, diverse and dynamic team

We love high interactivity & flexibility

We developed a Proven methodology of working to obtain results

Our Customers profile

Working in VUCA-world

Rapidly changing businesses 

Strategy oriented companies

In search for specific external expertise

Rapidly growing companies

Willingness to be future proof

Humble, courageous, disciplined

Walking their talk

Willing to offer their staff, training and coaching to increase both their performances and well-being

Video Sales & Marketing Improvement Process (TC3 copyright)


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