Non-verbal Communication

93% of our communication with others is nonverbal. It is of the outmost importance to know what your colleague or customer is trying to say. We can find their true intention by analysing the synchronisation of his verbal and nonverbal behaviour.

My advantage

  • Understand the importance of nonverbal communication in a relationship with a client or prospect 
  • Interpret the nonverbal signs of your conversation partner correctly
  • Recognise your own nonverbal signs and assess the possible consequences they may have on the communication process
  • Optimise the interaction of these nonverbal behaviours by applying the matching principle
  • Communicate in a more targeted way
  • Achieve better results by communicating professionally

What will I learn?

The importance of:

  • Words
  • Velocity of words
  • Body language
  • First impression and how to optimise it
  • Smile, handshake, eye contact, words, presentation
  • The terms matching and non-matching
  • The extended DISC profile
  • Recognise signs of being open or closed, of having doubt, irritation and tension

Teaching method

  • Individual exercises
  • Role plays  
  • Workgroups
  • Video and feedback (individual and in group)
  • 1 trainer per group of  max. 10 participants
  • Individual action plan for your nonverbal communication


The programme’s duration is one day. For a good integration of the new skills we advise you to organise the Nonverbal Communication: refresh three months later. Nonverbal Communication can be adapted to your company’s culture and structure.

Presentation Skills

What is my advantage?

When you give a presentation you hope your public will not only accept your message but that they will remember and apply it. You can actually learn how to give convincing, interesting and structured presentations. Through a few insights and exercises you can become a wanted and appreciated professional public speaker.

What will I learn?

How to:

  • Give excellent presentations
  • Transform your stress into enthusiasm
  • Structure your speeches
  • Manage audiovisual tools
  • Use your voice effectively
  • Reinforce your words with effective nonverbal language
  • Manage your public
  • Achieve your presentation’s goals
  • Give speeches without preparation
  • Use new trends in speech communication (multimedia)

Learning method

  • Individual exercises and feedback
  • Group presentations
  • More than 70% of the training are exercises
  • Video sessions


  • 5 aspects of Public Speaking
    • The speaker
    • The public
    • The speech
    • The location
    • The visual tools
  • How to structure a presentation
  • The communication process of professionals
  • The different types of participants and how to deal with them
  • How to give a speech without preparation
  • The 10 golden rules of Public Speaking
  • Ask and answer questions in a professional way

The duration of the programme is 1 day. For a good integration of the new skills, we advise you to organise Presentation Skills: refresh three months later. The course can be adapted to your company culture and structure (glossary, processes, working methods…). After the training, TC3 can offer you individual on-site coaching to support your employees in their learning process.


The Influencer Training is a research-based training concept of the renowned American training institute VitalSmarts. It provides you with proven strategies with which you can successfully tackle deep-rooted habits and achieve sustainable improvement. We should all become better influencers.

What does the program offer me?

Hardly a day goes by that we do not try to influence ourselves or others to do something in a different way. We strive to complete our projects on time and within a budget. We're trying to lose weight or to control our temper tantrums. In short, we are constantly working on ways to influence, but mostly we fall short. Despite the fact that we almost automatically try to help ourselves and others to achieve behavioural change, few people can formulate a clear model of how that is done. By drawing on the skills of people who are considered the best influencers in the world and combining them with five decades of social science research, Influencer Training provides you with a powerful model for behavioural change - a model anyone can learn and apply.

What will I learn?

  • Powerful strategies to drive change.
  • Recognise a number of dominant behaviour patterns that will result in the desired results.
  • Utilise the effective Influencer Model to develop a powerful influence strategy and apply it to create both small changes and large-scale changes in the corporate culture.

For who?

The Influencer Training is ideal for professionals who want to effectively make changes, both to themselves and in the organisation. The training is intended to have profound influence not only on individuals, but teams and entire organisations as well. It's about overcoming deep-seated problems in the organisation, the team or your personal life. The training provides individuals with the skills to develop an effective and comprehensive strategy to overcome these problems.

Learning Method

Influencer is a high impact workout of 2,5 days with engaging videos, realistic training exercises and useful training materials. The pace of learning is extremely high, we use sample videos and personal exercises in groups of 2 or 3 people.


  • Introduction
  • Determine measurable results
  • Find effective behavioural patterns
  • Determine why change seems impossible
  • Source 1: Personal motivation
  • Source 2: Personal competence
  • Source 3: Social motivation
  • Source 4: Social skills
  • Source 5: Structural motivation
  • Source 6: Structural competence
  • How to become an Influencer

Advanced curriculum and ongoing support

  • Advanced Guide
  • Influencer workbook for your personal challenge
  • A copy of the book Influencer
  • Influencer Audio Companion (a box of 6 CDs to further enhance your insights and skills)
  • A certificate of completion
  • Access to website for after training with access to videos, exercises, assessments, additional reading material and much more
  • Subscribtion to Crucial Skills Newsletter, a weekly e-mail service

Crucial Conversations

The training Crucial Conversations assists companies in conducting difficult conversations between two or more people. A Crucial Conversation is a conversation between two or more people where:

  • There is a lot at stake for both parties and the company
  • Opinions may vary drastically
  • Emotions can run high

What does the program offer me?

  • Projects that are completed on time
  • Teams that work well together
  • Matters discussed quickly
  • Information is shared with the appropriate staff
  • You should rarely play referee between your employees
  • You should spend minimal energy to the internal workings of your business, so you can give extra attention to the outside world

What will I learn?

  • How to solve disagreements
  • To achieve acceptance
  • To talk in a persuavive way
  • Promote teamwork

Teaching Method

Crucial Conversations alternates theory with videos that make the program very interactive. There are exercises as well, both individually and in groups, and there is time for personal reflection.


The duration of the programme is two days. For a proper integration of the new skills, we advise you to organise a follow-up session three months later. Crucial Conversations can be adjusted to your corporate culture and structure.

Crucial Accountability

If your team or organisation has difficulties to deal with eliminating inconsistencies and bringing up the cause of differences in performance, then Crucial Accountability is right for you. This programme, created by VitalSmarts, can help you to find problems faster and tackle them in a more efficient way.

What does the programme offer me?

  • Better communication with employees and colleagues
  • Improvement of  atmosphere in the organisation and the team
  • No more fear of dealing with sensitive situations
  • Learn how to be accountable for errors and work more efficiently

What will I learn?

  • Which issues affect the situation?
  • How to make employees accountable in a way that does not harm the relationship
  • Personal points of improvement
  • The three sources of motivation
  • Long and short-term effects

Teaching Method

Crucial Accountabilty alternates theory with more than 30 videos that make the program very interactive. There are exercises as well, both individually and in groups, and there is some time for personal reflection.


This is a two-day training programme. For proper integration of new skills, we advise you to organise a follow-up session three months later. Like all other TC3 courses Crucial Accountability can be adjusted to your corporate culture and structure.

Conversational Intelligence

What is Conversational Intelligence? 

The ability to get in front of the curve – and prime conversations, by communicating in ways that thwarts distrust, deceit, betrayal and avoidance and builds trust, collaboration, co-creation and transformational results. Knowing what kinds of conversations trigger our more primitive brain, and those, which activate higher-levels of intelligence such as trust, empathy and good judgment.

What will I learn in this program?  

  • Neurochemistry of Conversations  
  • How to influence our neurochemistry, in the moment, for improved outcomes
  • Skills That Achieve Results
  • TRUST Model
  • Level Setting Conversations for engagement, commitment and achievement of goals
  • Conversational Rituals
  • Conversational Agility

After the training you will: 

Elevate your conversations with others to yield business results, and create positive energy for transformation and growth. Understand how your mind creates biases, blind spots and filters that prevent you/us from seeing reality as it is. Deconstruct conversations to highlight for yourself and others what is getting in the way of healthy, sustainable relationships and results - elevating teamwork, quality, productivity and innovation. Create “conversational space” which activates deeper understanding and engagement rather than fear and avoidance. 

Extended DISC

A lot of misunderstandings arise from the inability of adapting to your conversational partner. This can cause business opportunities to be missed. The key word is communication. Thanks to a better insight in fundamental behavioural and communication styles (colours) you will learn how to break the ice and build trust.

My advantage

  • Gain anyone’s trust
  • Understand the causes of conflict
  • Accomplish more in your personal life and in your job by treating other people in a more adapted way
  • Create productive teams by understanding the importance of differences

Knowledge and capacities after the training

  • The DISC model, the different colours
  • Behaviour under stress per colour
  • The basic needs of each colour
  • Break the ice fast
  • Build trust fast
  • Communicate in a more targeted way

Teaching method

Before the training, we will send you an e-mail with a questionnaire (extended DISC profile) you’ll have to fill out and send back to us. The feedback you’ll get will give you a better insight in your communication skills. During the interactive coaching session your personal DISC profile will be explained thoroughly.


The programme’s duration is one day. For a good integration of the new skills we advise you to organise the Effective Colour Communication: refresh three months later. Effective Colour Communication: Extended DISC can be adapted to your company culture and structure.

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